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TheRawFoodFamily...Mr Ka reply me^^

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Oh..! few days ago, i sent message to Mr Ka Sundance via FB telling him that i adore his journey on a raw food diet together with his lovely wife and kids. They look so healthy and happy. I told him about my point of view on raw food diet and i also told him that FISH is GOOD. He was humble with his humble reply and i dont know why, i was so excited that last night i prepared our dinner a fried rice garnish with raw green mustard leaves (i mean Sawi in malay word) Normally for us in Malaysia, we cook our veggies. Hey! it taste good and not bitter at all. The taste is fresh im telling you! Mr Ka, i admire your lifestyle right now :)
Sawi / Green Mustard - Sedap Oww makan mentah!
(Actually im quite lazy to cook that night!)

Husband? He just find and just eat it without fussy coz he is in the food coaching right now and should take a LOT of VEGGIES due to "garbage-full-in the stamoch" according to doctor hehehe. Those garbage can be drained by taking a lot of fruits and vegetables! Plus Water. Plain water!

I love greens so much i just eat it for vitamins and goodness in it. Recently i bought white stem green mustard leave and while i cutting the veggy, i just try eating the white stem where i choose the older one because the taste is more sweeter and full of juice. I was like... yess maybe we can start including raw veggies in our menu :) This is all because of Mr Ka Sundance and his cute family hehehe.

This one is called Chinese Pak Choi with white stem-maybe the look is just the same.

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